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About Us

As the Managing Director of a medium-sized conveyor technology company, Robert Janeschitz is well aware of the need for customized conveyor technology solutions. The successful company history began in 1997 with the aim of offering customers specific specialized solutions based on a flexible conveyor system.


After more than two decades of experience in the field of conveyor technology, the decision was made to make the know-how available to a larger group of customers. 

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As a creative conveyor technology specialist for standard products as well as complex individual requirements and an expert at solving problems, we supply customers in almost all industries.


JR-Systemtechnik reacts to the constantly changing market conditions and increasing quality requirements of the end users with product-specific further development, whereby this fact is countered by the company with high-quality product design that’s targeted to the individual needs of our customers.


Our readiness to provide services, reliability, flexibility, creativity and technical or product-specific expertise are ultimately the pillars of our company.

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